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Wall stretching!

Pike and straddle stretching on the wall! We love the wall!


~Is it cheating?~

When I suggest to people to do pike and straddle exercises on the wall, more often than not, I hear the phrase "Isn't that cheating?". No, absolutely not! The wall is a tool to help make your flexibility training more beneficial! I hate wasting my time, so if I can do exercises that will help intensify my flexibility training, I will! By using the wall, there is no need to focus on keeping your legs up in the air. The wall helps hold them in place for you. This is especially beneficial, if you have trouble getting your pike to a 90 degree angle, or if your straddle wants to come out of alignment. You still will be getting a huge strength workout, do not get me wrong, but you have some extra support, so you can really target the mobility part of the exercises.


~No sitting~

Once you are using the wall for your pike and straddle exercises, it is important to not just sit there. You need to keep the exercises active and get the muscles working. Sometimes I see people sit in their straddle up against the wall for minutes...while it might feel good in the moment, you need to try to get the muscles working more. By doing this, the flexibility will last longer and it will make the stretching more safe. Sometimes though, it is hard to think of exercises to do in these positions. On the videos I just posted to my Vimeo Subscription page, I go through many different exercises you can try in pike and straddle up against the wall.


~Do I have to use the wall?~

No you do not have to! But I think incorporating it into your flexibility training once and a while is a great thing to do. When I use the wall for my pike and straddle, I can really focus on my technique: I have more attention to straightening my knees, pointing the feet fully, and making sure my pelvis is not tilting. I do all of these things off the wall, of course! But having the wall there allows myself to hone in on the proper technique and form.


~"But Rochelle, I have no idea what exercises to do on the wall!"~

Yes, I totally understand, it can be confusing on where to start! But if you head over to my Vimeo page and subscribe, I have uploaded two new videos on what exercises to do for pike and straddle on the wall!


I hope all of this information was helpful to you! Let me know what you think about the pike and straddle exercises on the wall! And check out all my other flexibility videos on my Vimeo page!


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