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"Rochelle Berwick has been a wonderful addition to the San Diego Circus Center Family! The growth we have seen in our students is brilliant, from their flexibility to their ballet skills, but what matters most is the confidence and pride in our students faces when they achieve something that at one point seemed impossible. Rochelle is a disciplined teacher that commands the very best from her always full classes. It is obvious that all of her students strive to see in themselves what Rochelle knows they are capable of. SDCC is reaching their goals because of excellent teachers like Rochelle Berwick."

- Jean-Luc Martin

Owner/Program Director of San Diego Circus Center



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and her flexibility classes

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"I've had Rochelle teach flexibility workshops at my dance school numerous times for a reason... the dancers love her and they gain a lot from her classes! If the commute wasn't so far for her I'd beg for her to teach for me full time. She is beyond knowledgeable, her classes are structured and fun, she challenges her students while working within their physical abilities, and she is always safe. I would recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their flexibility skills and range of motion."

-Anjelica Wilson

Owner of Oceanside Dance Academy

"Rochelle is one of the most talented women I've ever met! She is also a fantastic instructor. She is positive and attentive to her clients. Her expertise is obvious in the way she pays attention to detail; she's tough but in a way that makes you feel accomplished. It's easy to see, as she works with her clients, that she enjoys teaching and that she is a true professional."

-Jessica Flores

Owner of Aerial Revolution

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