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Want to set up a flexibility workshop for your gym, studio, or facility? Rochelle has taught flexibility workshops all over the United States for many different gyms and studios. A great way to get hands on corrections and adjustments. Visit the contact page to reach out to Rochelle and receive more information. 


In Person Training

Rochelle is based in Las Vegas. While she has no in-person, group classes currently, she teaches in person privates in Las Vegas. She also travels across the country teaching flexibility workshops. Check out the information below for more details. 

Contact Rochelle for information about in person training. 


Rochelle has traveled all over the United States teaching flexibility workshops. She has taught at dance studios, aerial gyms, rhythmic gyms, pole studios, and others. She can work with kids or adults, any level. Contact Rochelle for more information. 

As of 2020, she also teaches online flexibility workshops. 





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