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About Rochelle

Just, who is this human? 

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Started from the bottom, now we here

Angel, baby Rochelle was put into dance when she was five. It was love at first split. Soon after, she   was put in rhythmic gymnastics. When Rochelle was about 14, she decided to commit to ballet and exert most of her time and energy into it. After high school, Rochelle trained and performed with LA Ballet (Los Angeles), Joffrey Ballet (NYC), and Bolshoi Ballet (Moscow).


Bend and Snap...

After returning to California, Rochelle received her B.A. from San Diego State University. She also competed on her school's nationally ranked dance team for two years. 

Then in 2015, she made the glorious discovery of the circus and has been in love ever since. Dancing in the air? Being flexible in the air? Doing the splits in the AIR? Absolute heaven!

Just call me Coach

After college, Rochelle worked at a performing arts school as the head ballet teacher and also coached at a rhythmic gymnastics gym after school. She was super comfortable working with kids. One day, while training at circus, the owner asked her to teach a flexibility class for adults. She had never taught adults before, but she wanted to try. She taught a class and loved it! And that is where her active flexibility program began!


Flexibility is for everyone, no matter what age or skill level. Rochelle loves sharing her knowledge of flexibility with people of all different levels and backgrounds. Functional Flexibility is all about technique, strength, and body awareness, while still being fun and enjoyable. 

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