Book your next workshop, class, or private training session  today! Also, check out Rochelle's teaching schedule to come take class with her!

Workshops/Group Classes

Great for teams, groups, studios/gyms and more. I’m available to teach flexibility/stretching workshops or classes. Beginning through advanced levels and all ages welcome! For rates and questions, please contact me.

Private/Small Group Training, Skype

Great for individualized training, soloists, duets and trios, online skype training, and more. I'm available to teach flexibility/stretching privates for beginning through advanced levels, all ages welcome! For rates and questions, please contact me. 


Skype Privates

Not geographically close to San Diego? No worries! I offers skype privates. A time and day will be set up for the private and the session will be held over skype. You will receive exercises, stretches, and drills specific to your training. I will also give corrections and offer feedback. "Homework" or exercises and skills to work on will be given at the end of the session. A great way to improve and work on flexibility, if proximity to San Diego is an issue! 

Resident of or near San Diego?

I teach flexibility/stretching at two circus schools in San Diego. Check out my teaching schedule at both of the schools. Come out and take a class, I look forward to seeing you!

Aerial Revolution

Tuesdays 830: Flexibility and Stretching

Sundays 12 pm: Flexibility and Stretching


San Diego Circus Center


5 pm Flexibility (back)

6pm Flexibility (splits)

7pm Ballet


5 pm Flexibility (splits)

6pm Flexibility (back)


5 pm Flexibility (splits)